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Welcome to AR kayaking!

Andrew Rudge Kayaking is located in charming Shropshire, we offer kayaking, canoeing and hill walking with navigation training - to offer you the best opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors.


Paddling is a brilliant way to travel and explore rivers and lakes. You can and get a kick out of the waves!


See the sites from the river as they where intended to be seen, run the gentle rapids at Jackfield and enjoy a traditional ale afterwards in one of the many pubs that line the Gorge.

The Wrekin

Our NNAS courses will help you get your bearing and provide you with the skills of map reading and using a compass, skills that will help you travel through the hills safely.



A small craft in which the paddler sits and uses a doubled bladed paddle.



Join us on the river and learn the difference between canoes and kayaks.



A journeying craft in which the paddler can sit or kneel and use a single bladed paddle.

Join us on the river and learn to paddle new and interesting craft!


The shop

Our shop now has now been moved to a seperate site offering you the same value as before. Visit us at



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